Boca Raton & Boynton Beach auto detailing services
Something about me ...
Something about me …

Who am I?


InfoWarrior & Trump supporter.  Weekend Warrior of Divine Detailing Boynton.  The purpose of Divine Detailing Boynton is to Make Cars Look Great Again that have been abused from lack of detailing.  The proceeds from Divine Detailing Boynton are going to pay for schooling costs occurred from studying at Palm Beach Atlantic University and St. Vincent DePaul Regional Seminary.  My ultimate goal is to simply be a pastor for Christ’s church and share the goods news with others.  Please follow me on Instagram or Twitter.

Shine reigns supreme


Yeah that’s right, “shine reigns supreme” – Darren Priest.  The foundation of the painting industry has been shiny paint.  We take paint that has opportunities such as dull, faded, and neglected to be shinier and produce an almost new result.  Of course this is a case by case basis of realistic customer expectations and the choice of service selected.

I make them glossy


Yeah, I make cars glossy as well.  Gloss provides depth of clarity.  Technically, gloss also reigns supreme.  One of the many services is a gloss enhancement which will bring out that depth of clarity.

Protection is key


The best decision an owner can make is protecting the paint with a quality sealant or coating.  There are many different products on the market, but few with the results of CQuartz UK Edition (CQUK).  CQuartz provides two years of protection in multiple ways.  Coatings shed water (hydrophobic), reduce fading of paint, and minimize scratches and swirls.


We take the complicated and simplify it for you.  We offer a selection of services to simplify the process.  Choose your services, drop-off, and pickup.  Mobile services also available sometimes.

We’re expecting you

Thank you for taking the time to give Divine Detailing Boynton the opportunity to give your vehicle a proper spa treatment, we’re expecting to hear from you.