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02 Impala LS looking better after 14 years with no detail

Project info

Let me first start out by saying this is my personal car I purchased mid 2016 from an older family member who is ill and hasn’t been able to drive for years.  The vehicle has been garage kept but the car was not washed in two years while sitting in the garage and was not washed much prior.  When I picked the vehicle up, and washed it the first time, I had never washed a dirtier car ever.  I point out in the video areas of dirt that I was still working on getting off of the vehicle as this mild restoration continues.  The Impala had 56k on the odometer was pretty much a garage queen.  I wasn’t going for perfection on this car for various reasons but the big one was time.  So I decided on a one step polish which came out extremely well given the condition the paint was in.  The big scratches in the paint are gone but there are still many, and I mean many, small imperfections including lots of micro marring everywhere, but given the fact that I only had so much time, the main scratches and swirls are all taken care of and honestly for a one step cut/polish process this car came out real nice.  However I already know a year from now I’m going to want to take care of those micro-marring scratches as well.  The car was topped with CQuartz which provides excellent UV protection, hydrophobic water beading properties, and a durable scratch protector (although scratches are still possible with any coating like CQuartz).

2002 Impala LS - The Buick Stomper

Near original condition Impala LS – After many hours of polishing

Impala LS the Buick stomper

Side shot from polishing many hours.


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