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Project info

This very low mileage 2011 Honda Civic came to us with some random isolated defects and scratches plus a few terrible buffing tracks (holograms), possibly from a body shop or car wash in Boynton Beach, Florida or the surrounding area. The Civic was a short detail. We did the hood, roof, & truck lid was those were the worst sections of the car. In a little more than 4 hours, we gave the car an intense bath, did a chemical decontamination of the paint with Iron-X (more on that in a minute), clayed the vehicle, and did a single stage paint correction and gloss enhancement.

What on Earth are those purple streaks on the car in a few of the photos? Simply put, the purple streaks are iron that was embedded into the paint and dissolved anywhere you see the purple. Idwaxthat does that bring to taking a polisher to any vehicle in most cases. Swirling around embedded contamination will only make your paint worse. We need truly contaminate free bar paint to do our best work. Finally, we sealed the Civic with a favorite sealant, that lasts up to 12 months.

I posted six pictures for your viewing, five of them show defects, and the front of the car shows what a nicely detailed car in Boynton Beach, FL looks like. This paint went from feeling like sticky sandpaper, to a paint that is soft, smooth, and now repels water. Contact us for your next car detail.

reflection after premium sealant (better than wax)

This 2011 Civic was treated with a premium sealant. Great gloss.

embedded rust being disolved with Iron-X

Upon inspection, this vehicle needed serious paint decontamination, see the purple streaks?

Iron-X disolving rust embedded into the paint

Iron-X dissolving rust and turns it a purple color

pre-inspection revealed scratches

The 2011 Civic needed scratches removed and the paint sealed up.

before polishing, scratches are showing upon inspection

pre-polishing inspection revealed paint scratching in various areas.

more marring & scratching on the roof

excessive paint scratches needing compounding, polishing, buffing.

When have I done this?
January 3, 2016

I’ve created / used …
Near perfect scratch free paint with gloss enhancement. Used Rupes Bigfoot 21 polishing system.

Paint Polishing & Car Coatings.