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2011 Lexus IS250C

Project info

In the Shop this week was a 2011 Lexus IS250C.  This was a fun car that really tested our skills, but we were happy to take on this project.  This particular vehicle is in great running condition, however the appearance was well below its potential.  One this Idwaxthat Auto Detailing & Scratch Removal Specialists does NOT do is simply wash a vehicle and call it detailed.  This particular vehicle required a full on detailing including two intense washes, a full clay bar performed on the vehicle, and a paint decontamination to round things off.  To say that the paint felt like sandpaper during the claying process was an understatement.  This paint literally felt like sand at the beach.  The paint was extremely bad.  In the photos below there were various scratches to the clear coat, tons of swirls in the clear coat, and clear coat severely etched from baked on bug guts and overall lack a proper washes and maintenance.  John from Ember Services Inc. did a fantastic job helping out on this detail and is a wizard with a polisher in his hands.  We polished the Chrome, cleaned the leather seats, and inside windows.  The customer requested a windshield restoration and it’s beading water fantastic.  We also applied a super polymer sealant to the paint once we were all done with the compounding and polishing steps.  It took us all day, but in the end, this 2011 Lexus IS250C turned out fantastic.


bugs everywhere.

This was before the wash.

marred clear coat

Before shot – Look at the spot lights and all the swirls around the lights

dirt everywhere

before wash – dirty wheels and tires

before polishing

Before polishing – trunk lid deep scratches especially top left of picture

look at all the scratches

Before polish – too many scratches to point out on the trunk lid

Before polish - rear bumper scraped

Before polish – Rear bumper scraped from something.

good reflection

Good reflection without sun – after compounding and polishing

After polishing looks amazing

After polishing under the lights, no defects at all

lots of clarity and gloss

Lots of clarity and gloss from hours of compounding and polishing

When have I done this?
June 8, 2016

I’ve created / used …
We used a variety of compounds, pads, and polishes to achieve the results we did on this car.  We used various polishers includes the Rupes 21 and the Rupes Mini Bigfoot.

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