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2012 Mercedes C300 Emblem Badge Removal – Fixed

Project info

I was contacted by a gentleman who said that he had a pretty bad problem from a emblem badge removal process that had gone terribly wrong.  He described the problems as a noticeable defect that was in need of a fix; if it could be.  I advised the customer that based on the severity of the defects I found, that a respray would be necessary if he was looking for perfection.  After all here is what the problem was:

  • little specs of clear coat flaked off
  • residue left over from emblem badge removal
  • ghosting shadow left over from badge
  • severe scratches
  • bare metal showing through paint

It is my hopes the results speak for themselves in the video.  If you need a badge emblem properly removed, please contact me.  I use professional tools and other professional supplies to get professional results.

When have I done this?
Febuary 19, 2016

I’ve created / used …
Various professional compounds and polishes to achieve a near perfect paint correction.

If you would like to get your vehicle emblem debagged and removed professionally, without this disaster I was given to fix.  Contact us today.