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In the shop recently was a 2015 Black Corvette Stingray with 2,245 miles on the clock.  Why on Earth would somebody bring a new car in for an auto detailing in Boynton Beach when it’s so new?  Well, this particular car had an extreme case of paint blemishes which ranged from RIDS (random isolated deep scratches), holograms, and extensive swirling in the clear coat which really dulled the paint.  We always take plenty of before and after shots for customer so they can see the level a improvement after the job is done.  I’ll be the first to admit, this car turned out about 85% great.  Given the budget and time involved with tying up this car for more than a day; getting a Proficient-X detail in Miami was certainly not in order for this car.  We did the best we could with the time allowed and produced a great result that the customer was thrilled about.  We certainly hope the short video helps cover the process involved.  We were unable to video the coating process, as it’s rather boring to watch anyways.  This particular project we under budgeted for the paint correction, but over delivered to the customer.  It’s out hope and in all humility that you won’t get any rap music in the background of this video, nor will you get a professionally edited video, nor will you get the hopes your car which may have peeling clear coat will turn out like this Corvette did.  This is a long process that takes time to remove micro layers of clear coat to arrive at a solution of near perfection, but certainly not perfection.

After the long detailing process which took place over by the west end of Boynton Beach Blvd and Florida’s Turnpike, we topped the freshly polished Corvette Stingray with a durable coating of CQuartz which will certainly help in protecting against the elements.  To keep this wonderful coating lasting as long as possible, we offer maintenance washes for cars that are coated with a layer of protection like CQuartz.

Holograms anyone?

Paint holograms found in the hood of the Stingray before the paint correction.

Abuse found on paint.

Corvette abuse found prior to our paint correction.

#Corvette Abuse

More holograms found in the hood of this Corvette.

auto detailing boynton beach florida

RIDS and Swirls everywhere. Luckily can correct that paint.

CQuartz paint protection coatings.

Beautiful gloss and clarity courtesy of CQuartz installation.

When have I done this?
May 13, 2016

I’ve created / used …
For the paint protection I used CQuartz and nearly went through a 50ml bottle.  Idwaxthat always uses Rupes polishers and sometimes to a fault.  The finer details we used the Rupes Mini Bigfoot and the larger panels we used the Rupes 21 Bigfoot polisher.  We used varies polishes on this car.  Sometimes we were cutting with M101, other times with a mixture of M100 + M101.  I also love M205 as my jewel polish exclusively to a fault sometimes, but then again, as long as the quarterback throws a touchdown pass, everybody’s happy in the end.

If you would like to give your ride the CQuartz protection contact us today.  Idwaxthat is an Boynton Beach auto detailing favorite by a few folks already.  Call us.

2015 Black Corvette Stingray.