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Project info

Meet Project Brillo.  Divine Detailing Boynton was called recently for a unique situation.  Basically, Person A, did Person B, an honest to goodness favor by washing their vehicle as an act of good will.  The only issue was the washing media was a Brillo pad.  I would compare a Brillo pad to a #0000 steel wool.  At any rate, the vehicle was extremely nice otherwise.  Based upon the circumstances I decided to take this project on the basis of, make it look better than it was and having a large amount of sympathy for the situation.  Let me know what you think of Project Brillo?

Full paint decontamination

Fun and foam in this wash.

Time to grind hard on this paint.

Lights, Compound, Rotary, Grind Hard.

Paint gauge readings

Why guess, when you can know for sure?

Paint Polishing & Car Coatings.