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Windshield Restoration Experiment!! Verified Results!! Win!!

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In this particular experiment was unique. Flex Rotary vs. Rupes 21 The vehicle needing this windshield restoration was a 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 series retired farm truck from West Boynton Beach, Florida. In case you need to know the what and why of a windshield restoration, let me explain. The What: Windshield restoration involves taking a high end polisher typically not sold in retail stores, specialty glass cutting pads, and our secret blend of cerium oxide – also known as glass cutting polish. The Why: Windshields are designed with a few purposes in mind; one of them being safety. From a Florida detailers perspective, visibility ranks high. With that being said, your windshield should repel water. If the water is sticking, that’s where Idwaxthat comes in to help. Your windshield can be restored to shed water, giving you the best chance at visibility when raining. The results speak for themselves in the video and speak even louder when you’re driving. This is a must have service, especially in rainy South Florida. Contact us today for your very own windshield restoration. In case you’re wondering, hands down, I would suggest the Flex rotary when polishing glass.

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January 1, 2016

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Custom blend of cerium oxide (glass cutting compound and polish)

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