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Super Car Week Race and Car Show - Jan. 8th, 2016

Super Car Week Race and Car Show – Jan. 8th, 2016

Idwaxthat auto detailing in Boynton Beach will be traveling to Jupiter, Florida on January 8th 2016 to Palm Beach International Speedway. Let me first start off by saying, this will be a nice time. I do plan on posting pictures and a video of this event to the website if you want to check back and see a glimpse of what this event is like. The title pretty much sums up this event.

This race and car will be hosted by BizSpeed and will take place at:

Palm Beach International Speedway
17047 Beeline Hwy.
Jupiter, Florida

Remember that Palm Beach International Speedway has a constant stream of events always happening. Simply go to for more information. This particular night has a spectator fee of $15 and if you enter a car it’s $25. Most car shows do not charge spectator fees, but considering what you get at this event, and since its more than just a car show, but also a race, $15 is fair, although could get pricey for families simply wanting to see super cars.

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