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The Automobile Gallery in Green Bay, WI

The Automobile Gallery – Green Bay, WI

It was recently vacation time and the destination was Green Bay, WI.  I must admit, I was born and raised in Green Bay for the majority of my life and it was time to visit again.  Upon visiting and unknown to myself, a really big deal had happened.  That was the The Automobile Gallery located in the downtown Green Bay, WI.  It’s not normal, at least from my 34 years on Earth, that a car collector opens up his collection for the benefit of the community see.  For a small entrance fee, which obviously doesn’t even cover the operating costs; Wm “Red” Lewis made the decision to help locals and others around the globe, by letting them see a collection of cars that many people would simply be able to in the same room.  Lets face it, here in South Florida, between cruise-ins, meet-ups, and auto shows, it’s literally possible to have a near daily activity that involves viewing cars on some level.  However for the first time in my life, I was able to view a collection of cars in a single building that just so happened to be a former Cadillac dealer, but also in a downtown that craves a consistent owner/tenant who won’t simply fold in a few years.  This is where Wm “Red” Lewis takes the trophy; he’s there because he wants to be for the people to share his love for cars regardless of ticket sales.  The entrance fee is a gift from Heaven to begin with; you can thank Red by going to visit his Automobile Gallery.

I must apologize, I stated at the beginning of the video this is a private car collection, Wm “Red” Lewis did inform me that there was cars that were visiting the Automobile Gallery as well as his friend good friend also had a vehicle or two in the collection for show as well.  Please check out the video for your viewing.  The video was shot in 4K (Ultra HD) for those who have a fast enough internet connection and capable 4K viewing device, otherwise YouTube will automatically downgrade the quality for you until the video runs smoothly.  Enjoy.

  • March 5, 2016

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"The Automobile is the Art" Wm "Red" Lewis