Boca Raton & Boynton Beach auto detailing services
NOT a Car Wash...NOT a repair shop...Paint Correction Services start at $400. CUSTOM DETAILING SERVICES available 561-503-3981 text/call/voicemail

See the road better in a rain storm.  One of our favorite practical services.  

Prices starting at $89 for cars and trucks, depending on size and condition.
Prices starting at $149 for RV’s and Semi’s, depending on size and condition.
Tired of water sticking to your windshield? Tired of windshield wipers streaking water instead of clearing it? Palm Beach County, Florida is an interesting area; it seems as if rain is a big part of life.  This service involves way more than applying a coat of Rain-X. Here’s the game plan for restoring a windshield the proper way.
1. Wash it thoroughly
2. Clay the windshield to pull out the grime and small grains of road debris, using a sharp razor as necessary.
3. re-wash
4. machine compound and polish the windshield with a secret blend of glass compound and polish.
5. re-wash
6. Apply a premium coating lasting up to 2 years.

This service is way more than Car Window Cleaning, this is on another level for folks who want the best in clarity and water beading.

Paint Polishing & Car Coatings.